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Support Center

Please refer to the most common questions below

to help solve any issues you are having with LiveSample.

A. There is no sign up required for LiveSample! We make it fast and easy for you to access our surveys. You can find one of our surveys through a referral site or directly on The only information we ask for is e-mail, address, gender, and birthday. This helps us find surveys that are tailored for you!

We never send any emails directly to you and we use various sites to host our surveys. You must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to participate in LiveSample surveys.

A. There is no limit on the number of surveys you can start, however we do limit the number of surveys you can complete each day. Survey limits are set by the type of survey you are doing and the company you are doing it for. We will never let you start a survey for which you will not receive a sweepstakes entry or referral credit/reward.

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A. We do our best to match you with open surveys daily. If we are unable to match you with a survey today, try back tomorrow! We have new surveys open up each day for you to participate in.

Every LiveSample user goes through an identity validation process to ensure each participant is a real person. This process is used to manage quality control and avoids robots from taking our surveys.

If you are continuously not being matched with a new survey on LiveSample, it may mean our security software is having trouble validating your personal information (zip code, street address, etc.). Please write-in to the Support Center and someone on our Customer Service team will be able to assist you.

A. Thank you for choosing to participate in LiveSample surveys. We attempt to qualify survey participants within the first ten questions. Each survey has its own set of qualification requirements. For example, if you just purchased a car, you would qualify for a survey about new car owners. Please make sure you read and answer each question carefully. If you have any concerns about qualifying, please write-in to the Support Center and we will do our best to help you.

The important thing is to keep trying so you do not miss out on opportunities for a survey that is right for you.

A. Please make sure you have entered a valid 5 digit U.S zip code. LiveSample does not accept invalid or international zip codes. If you live outside the U.S., please visit the appropriate LiveSample site for your country. If LiveSample is not available in your country, please check back later. We will be expanding into more international markets soon!

Q. How do I enter the sweepstakes and how many times can I enter?

A. LiveSample participants are automatically entered into our sweepstakes each time they complete a survey with us. You can read the official Sweepstakes Rules and check out the great prizes being offered by clicking the 'Sweepstakes Rules' link at the bottom of this page.

The sweepstakes is currently open only for residents in the United States.

Q. I finished a very long survey and was offered a credit but never received it. How can I credit my account?

A. LiveSample does not directly credit or offer incentives for taking surveys on our website beyond our sweepstakes entry. Rewards and incentives are offered by the sites that refer you to LiveSample.

If you were offered a credit for completing a LiveSample survey, you must check back with the site that referred you to the survey.

If you contacted the referral site and still have not been credited, please write-in to our Support Center and a member of our Customer Service team will work with you to ensure your account with the referral site is credited!

Q. I would like to unsubscribe from LiveSample. I no longer wish to be directed to this site to take surveys.

A. LiveSample participants are never subscribed to anything. There is no membership program. Participation in a LiveSample survey is 100% in your control. If you are invited to take surveys with LiveSample from a referral site, you must unsubscribe from that website.

If you unsubscribe from the referral site and are still receiving invitations to take LiveSample surveys from that site, please write-in to the Support Center and our Customer Service team can help you.

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